Our products are a unique union of health, science, and fashion created in LA by a Building Biologist & EMR Specialist and a Fashion Designer


I love love love my EMF pouch! It’s the cutest print, super convenient and keeps those harmful EMF’s away from my body. Wonderful quality, made to last. What’s not to love :) ~ Kelsey S.


I love my EMF blocking phone pouch. Knowing the overwhelming data we now have on the harmful effects of RF wireless radiation, I usually have my phone set to airplane mode - when driving or when carrying it. - But when I’m waiting for a call, it’s so great that I can now keep the phone on because the pouch blocks 99% of the RF microwaves. I feel safe AND connected. ~ Emma C.


I love my pouch because it's easy to use and gives me comfort in knowing I'm protecting myself from EMF's in such a simple way. ~ Staci L.

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There’s almost no getting away from EMFs these days, so we created EMF blocking products that one would use just for their looks and functionality. However, all of them have EMF blocking capabilities to keep you stylish while keeping safe

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